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First Annual ShinDIG a huge success!


On May 4th, the Friends of Governors Island hosted the first annual ShinDIG! Throughout the day over 500 community members pitched in to help get the Island ready for the season ahead. Thank you to all who helped the Friends keep Governors Island vibrant.

Together we:

  • Removed 4,350 gallons of invasive species, making room for native plants to flourish and contribute to the Island’s healthy ecosystem
  • Weeded 5,000 square feet in Liggett Terrace, ensuring it remains a beautiful place for visitors to enjoy delicious food or splash in the play fountains
  • Removed 3,000 gallons of overgrown grasses in the Hills, encouraging new growth and protecting the habitats of friendly insects and birds
  • Distributed 800 gallons of mulch to the Liggett Terrace Play Area and Slide Hill, so kids (and adults!) can play safely
  • Harvested thousands of seeds from flowers grown on the Island, so we can continue to support the growing biodiversity of the Island
  • Worked with the Billion Oyster Project to clean and prepare 150 bags of oyster shells that will be used to create new oyster habitats and help restore our Harbor.
  • Cleared 220 gallons of dead leaves and weeds from The Lavender Field, ensuring a fragrant, purple summer to come.
  • Weeded and cleaned the garden at the Harbor School, creating a beautiful recess spot for 450 public high school students.

All of the 10,350 gallons of plant material we collected will be composted by our friends at Earth Matter NY’s Compost Learning Center, where it will be made into rich fertilizer that goes back into our landscapes as part of the Island’s zero-waste initiative.

With your help, we accomplished a lot! But there’s more to do to keep this oasis in the Harbor beautiful and healthy. Here’s how you can get involved to help care for the Island:

Check out photos from the event and join forces with the Friends of Governors Island to help care for the park’s remarkable landscapes so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Get involved today.