Summertime Skating at Mel's Rink on Governors Island

Available Hours

Saturday-Sunday 10AM-6PM

Ice skate in the summer sunshine! Mel’s Rink Governors Island will give New Yorkers the rare opportunity to skate during the summer months and is the first outdoor skating opportunity on Governors Island!

For Skate Rentals + Rink Access, the rates are as follows:
$15 for adults
$10 for children
25% discount for Governors Island members

If you bring your own skates, rink access is:
$11 for adults
$8 for children

Mel’s Rink utilizes state-of-the art synthetic technology to provide skaters with an “ice like” feel unmatched in the industry. The synthetic ice is high density plastic polymer that mimics the properties of real ice, designed for use with traditional ice skates with sharp metal blades. Mel’s Rink performs skate sharpening throughout the day, so every skater has an exceptional experience. Skate sharpening demonstrations are open to the public whenever the rink is open.

Governors Island and Mel’s Rink will announce special programming, on-site food and beverage and special guest skaters at the rink throughout the summer.