Adventures at GI

Available Hours

Saturday-Sunday 10AM-6PM

Adventures at Governors Island is NYC’s new premier destination for recreational entertainment located on the Western shore of Governors Island near Liggett Terrace. Adventures at Governors Island features four world class attractions; Flywire Zipline, 3D Climbing Challenge, Amazen’ Maze and Mini-Golf. Read more about the four attractions and be sure to try the Adventure Combo Ticket for $22 that includes the Zipline, Maze and Climbing Challenge (no Mini Golf).

Amazen’ Maze
The kid in all of us is brought to life in this exciting adventure that is pure family fun. A giant maze nearly 3,600 square feet will challenge your sense of direction and problem solving skills. Families can compete with each other or with other families. It is not just about wandering around inside looking for the exit. Kids and adults sharpen their navigation skills. Maze runners must locate four checkpoints, each with a letter they punch on their passport. The object is to spell the word “MAZE” then exit as quickly as possible. $8.

Climbing Challenge
Gone are the days where rock climbing is for only the tried and tested. Participants can jump into the Climbing Challenge with any skill level. Scale your choice of 3 unique 25 foot walls that fit your ability. With a self-guiding belay system, each climber can choose their line and begin at their own pace. The wall challenge is fun for all ages. Please note climbers must weigh at least 40 lbs. and must be less than 250 lbs. to participate. Safety harness must be worn. $6.

For adventurers of all ages and skill levels, embark on a journey through 18 holes of Mini Golf near the New York harbor and against the Statue of Liberty! Play for fun or bragging rights as you putt your way through each hole’s unique challenges. $7.

Flywire Zipline
Channel your inner superhero and soar to freedom on the most anticipated zipline in New York City! The Flywire Zipline allows two people to zip down our 300 feet long cable side by side and hit up to 21 mph. The aerial attraction has a 35 foot peak at its starting point, high enough to deliver a sensational ride for the experienced thrill seeker but also able to accommodate beginner adventure seekers. Best of all, the ride experience will offer sensational views of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, and downtown Manhattan. Participants must be at least 40 inches tall and between 45 lbs. - 250 lbs. to ride. Provided safety harnesses are required. $12 per zip or 2 for $20

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