The Dysfunctional Collective House

through October 29
Saturdays, Sundays
Nolan Park

The Dysfunctional Collective turns House 8B in Nolan Park into a grab box of art, theater, music and dance. Stop by any weekend between 12-5 PM to hear some showtunes, Shakespeare or a poem, see a play, learn to dance, solve a mystery or just explore the house.


Weekends, September 2 – October 1: The Benefits of Contemplating Death
The Benefits of Contemplating Death by Hannah Suzanna is a multi-platform art piece focused on embracing death to live a more fulfilling life. Come to see photographs embodying the loss of identity and universal interconnectedness experienced around death. There will also be an underworld photobooth, and an interactive art piece designed to give people a safe space to share their experiences around death and grief.

September 23, 24, 30 & October 1: The Bacchae
The end men look for cometh not/And a path is there where no man thought. When the world is mad, does embracing madness make you sane? Over the course of the summer an all-female cast of singers, dancers and actors will reimagine the ancient Greek drama about the war between freedom and control. Come back all season long and watch a powerful new vision emerge, culminating in two weekends of performances in September when the whole house will be transformed. The world is blind./Thou and I can see… These crooked matters may even yet be straightened.


Weekends, October 7 - 29: Hannah by the Window
“Hannah by the Window” is a seven part series that illustrates several major phases of a woman’s life. Influenced by Jan Saudek’s window series, the artist attempts to capture through digital photography and collage ideas about innocence, womanhood, birth and death. As the composition is heavily influenced by Saudek’s photography work, this series uses concepts of inner and outer self as well as times of day and light to further articulate growth and change.

Saturday, October 14: I Heart Show-tunes
Downtown princess and Broadway geek Mel DeLancey sings her favorites from the genre. In her “Show-tuned out” living room you’ll rediscover standards from the musical theater cannon with both historical context and modern perspective.

Weekends, October 7 - 29: Dancing With Light
This work looks at the way that dancers play with Light personified; whether that be in a lofty well-lit studio or Art Noir style on a Brooklyn rooftop. It explores the way that harsh light allows for contrasting patterns to fall on dancers as they move through the air and interact with the space around them. Windows, mirrors and the open air create an apt stage for this exploration.

Weekends, October 7 - 29: Beyond the Veil
Beyond the Veil is a group art show featuring work that exists at the intersection of death, feminism, and the occult. There will be a range of static pieces as well as interactive pieces where viewers will have the opportunity to participate with the art.

Saturday, October 28: Death Day
On October 28th “Beyond the Veil” will be the venue for a Death Day event put on by Trowel and Bone (@trowel_and_bone on instagram), The Black Veil Coalition, and The BCD. This will be a day of ghoulish costumes, workshops on death related collaborative art, and a mini-salon featuring death-positive academics discussing issues of activism in death around sex, gender, and race.

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Getting There
3 Minutes from Soissons Landing 7 Minutes from Yankee Pier
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