The Dysfunctional Collective House

through October 29
Saturdays, Sundays
Nolan Park

The Dysfunctional Collective turns House 8B in Nolan Park into a grab box of art, theater, music and dance. Stop by any weekend between 12-5 PM to hear some showtunes, Shakespeare or a poem, see a play, learn to dance, solve a mystery or just explore the house.

October Schedule:

Weekends, October 7 - 29: Hannah by the Window
“Hannah by the Window” is a seven part series that illustrates several major phases of a woman’s life. Influenced by Jan Saudek’s window series, the artist attempts to capture through digital photography and collage ideas about innocence, womanhood, birth and death. As the composition is heavily influenced by Saudek’s photography work, this series uses concepts of inner and outer self as well as times of day and light to further articulate growth and change.

Weekends, October 7 - 29: Dancing With Light
This work looks at the way that dancers play with Light personified; whether that be in a lofty well-lit studio or Art Noir style on a Brooklyn rooftop. It explores the way that harsh light allows for contrasting patterns to fall on dancers as they move through the air and interact with the space around them. Windows, mirrors and the open air create an apt stage for this exploration.

Weekends, October 7 - 29: On the Ground
Downtown princess and Broadway geek Mel DeLancey sings her favorites from the genre. In her “Show-tuned out” living room you’ll rediscover standards from the musical theater cannon with both historical context and modern perspective.

Weekends, October 14 - 29: Refuge/Secured Window
Inspired by the history and location of Governor’s Island, Southern California artists Joyce Dallal and Doris Bittar explore issues of boundaries, border crossing, mapping, and security in this mixed-media exhibition. Dallal’s installation “Refuge” takes it’s starting point from the iconic pup tent, and Bittar uses security envelopes to create her patterned collage “Secured Window.”

Sunday, October 22 & 29: Bobby Oahu & His Big Band
Appearing at Governor’s Island for the second time, Bobby Oahu (Josh Hartung) takes his act out of the lounge and onto the porch! Yes, that Bobby Oahu! The one you’ve heard about when people say, “who else is playing?” or “did we actually pay for this?” or “that poor ukulele!” Bobby Oahu (vocals and ukulele abuse) will also be joined on vocals by his ex-wife Shirley (Nicole Lee Aiossa) and a rotating cast of musicians, whenever they get out of bed on time or their medication wears off. You lucky, lucky people.

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Getting There
3 Minutes from Soissons Landing 7 Minutes from Yankee Pier
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