Thank You To Ronay Menschel


After more than a decade of extraordinary service, Ronay Menschel is stepping down as Chair of the Trust for Governors Island. Ronay has offered her steadfast leadership in the Island’s transformation from a forgotten former military base to the beloved resource it is today since serving on the Board of the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation, formed in 2003. In 2010 she was appointed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg as the first Chair of the Trust for Governors Island.

Throughout her service to Governors Island, Ronay has made a significant mark in expanding access to the arts in New York City. From numerous on-Island public art installations, including Cabin, Rachel Whiteread’s first permanent site specific sculpture in the US, to spearheading the activation of the Island through free public programs from New York City arts and cultural organizations, Ronay’s commitment to the arts has shaped the spirit of Governors Island as a hub for creativity. Her leadership also delivered the Island’s spectacular new park spaces, giving New Yorkers a new and unforgettable relationship with the Harbor, Statue of Liberty and City skyline.

At the Trust’s January meeting of it’s Board of Directors, Ronay was presented with a Proclamation from Mayor Bill de Blasio commemorating her everlasting contributions to the City of New York. It reads:

Whereas: Our city has always been a place where anyone with the vision and determination to improve the five boroughs has the chance to make their mark. So many New Yorkers have been inspired to serve their fellow residents and create lasting, positive change that sets us on the path to a brighter future. Dedicating her career to strengthening our communities and improving the quality of life throughout our city, Ronay Menschel stands out as one of these remarkable leaders. Today, together with the members of the Trust for Governors Island, I join in celebrating all that she has achieved as she steps down from her position as Chairman.

Whereas: Throughout the course of her distinguished career, Ronay has played many roles and accomplished many feats. As a Deputy Mayor in the Koch Administration and as a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, she demonstrated great dedication to improving quality of life throughout the five boroughs. At the MTA she founded what is now MTA Arts & Design, championing public art and our City’s creative spirit. Ronay currently is the Chairman of Phipps Houses that has made an indelible mark on the communities it serves through affordable housing initiatives. In 2010, her mission to improve our city continued when she was appointed Chairman of the Trust for Governors Island, helping to transform Governors Island into an extraordinary destination for all to enjoy.

Whereas: Thanks to Ronay’s visionary leadership, Governors Island is poised to become both a year-round destination and a hub of innovation, education, and creativity. With efforts underway to restore the Historic District and create new space that combines educational, non-profit, and commercial uses, the future of Governors Island has never looked brighter. None of this would be possible without Ronay’s steadfast commitment to shape the future of our city into a place where all people can rise. I applaud all she has accomplished as Chairman of the Trust for Governors Island and together with those gathered, extend my gratitude for all that she continues to do for our great city.

Now therefore, I, Bill de Blasio, Mayor of the City of New York, do hereby proclaim January 17th, 2017 in the City of New York as:

“Ronay Menschel Day”.

From the Governors Island community, thank you to Ronay!