To help slow the spread of COVID-19, Governors Island’s 2020 public opening has been delayed. Learn more about our COVID-19 response.

Springtime blooms emerge across Governors Island


Governors Island is closed, but seasonal changes continue to sweep across the landscape. From the Historic District to Picnic Point, beautiful spring blooms are appearing everywhere! Above, a Prunus ‘Snow Goose’ flowering cherry’s brilliant white blossoms light up Liggett Terrace.

Pink magnolias contrast with the blue sky near Castle Williams.

Star magnolias emerge in dazzling numbers on Colonels Row.

This summersweet, whose flowers form in long clusters called bottlebrushes, aids drainage as part of a bioswale in the Urban Farm (and looks great while doing it).

Saucer magnolia buds are nearly ready to unfurl at the foot of Discovery Hill.

A variety of bright daffodils dot the Historic District along with an assortment of wildflowers.

Hibiscus buds appear small for now but will soon become impressively large, scarlet blooms in Liggett Terrace.

Vibrant cornelian cherry flowers match the iconic yellow houses of Nolan Park. As spring progresses, more and more blooms will appear on Governors Island—follow us on social media for the latest floral developments!