Last chance to see some great exhibits this weekend!


Mid-summer is a great time here on Governors Island. Don’t miss your last chance to see some of the exhibits in Nolan Park!

Concluding this weekend is Rama’s Meditation Event and Exhibit. This Saturday and Sunday there will be meditation sessions at 11:30AM and 4:30PM. At 1:30PM on Saturday there will be Meditation for artists, and on Sunday at the same time there is a Zen Without Robes session. Materials and classes are FREE and staff are ready and willing to answer any meditation questions you may have! There is also an exhibit on Meditation and the Brain.

Next weekend, the Electronic Art Festival, Billion Oyster Project and The Art of Intuitive Photography Gallery Show end their runs in Nolan Park. The Oyster Project is an exhibit run by the Harbor School here on the Island which highlights the role of oysters in the NY Harbor. The Electronic Art Festival displays artworks that were made using new and evolving technology and the Art of Intuitive Photography Gallery Show features photos from students and teachers that won a selection process. AoIP will also run a walk about class on Saturday and Sunday- all levels invited.

Head out to Nolan Park this weekend and next to take advantage of the last days of these amazing exhibits and programs!