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Don’t Miss The Boat On These Exhibits Closing in July!


We’ve had a busy start to the season on Governors Island, and sadly we say goodbye to several of our rotating exhibits ending soon in July. All exhibits listed below are free and open to the public.


Sculptors Guild presents Currently 80, Weekends through July 16, 12-5 PM, Nolan Park House 7B.

In 1942, the original founders of the Sculptors Guild assembled to dedicate itself to uniting and promoting the work of sculptors in society. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Sculptors Guild and the tenth year they have been present on Governors Island. To celebrate the longevity of the organization, the Sculptors Guild has created the Currently 80 exhibit. Curated by John Yau, Currently 80 is comprised by work of 50 of the Guild’s present members. The works showcase sculptures in various artistic mediums including: wood, clay, steel, zone, bronze, fabric, neon, and digital medium.

Art of Intuitive Photography, Weekends through July 9, 11-5 PM, Nolan Park House 8A.

The Art of Intuitive Photography showcases the works of photographers who have utilized an “intuitive” approach to taking photos. Focused upon relaxing the body and capturing the spontaneity of the environment surrounding the photographer allows the artist to take a more creative photo. As Mindy Veissid, the creator of the class explains, the result is a stark change from “doing photography” to “experiencing photography.”

New York Electronic Art Festival, Weekends through July 23, 12-5 PM, Nolan Park House 7A.

Launched 10 years ago, the New York Electronic Art Festival employs sound and advanced technology to create electronic artwork. Visitors receive an in depth explanation of how technology is used in art and its effect on present day culture. Exhibitions challenge audiences pre-conceived notions of electronic art and artists feature a variety of subjects that range from water to politics.

Meditation Summer, Weekends through July 9, 12-6 pm, Colonels Row 407A.

Calm your mind and find tranquility. Meditation Summer presents different meditation sessions led by experts, teachers, and Zen masters. The program features free Introduction to Meditation classes and an exhibit on Meditation and the Brain. This exhibit focuses on neuroscience and advancement in medical technology that provide an intriguing insight into our most complicated organ, the human brain.

Thank you to the Sculptors Guild, Art of Intuitive Photography and Meditation Summer for providing these stellar FREE programs to Governors Island visitors. Stay tuned for more announcements about new exhibits in Nolan Park and Colonels Row!