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Governors Island’s pack of working dogs grows to four!


Welcome, Aspen! The newest and youngest member of the pack, Aspen is a nine-month-old miniature Aussie. Like all of our working dogs, Aspen joined us from the Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue.

Wondering why we need a team of dogs working on Governors Island? These four pups do more than just look cute. It’s their job to keep Governors Island free of Canada geese. In addition to leaving a mess all over our sprawling green lawns, geese waste can also lead to the spread of invasive species and they can be aggressive toward people while they’re nesting. After trying many methods of geese-control, the working dogs proved to be the most sustainable and humane (the dogs never harm them) solution.

Aspen joins Chip (who just turned one!) as the resident puppies learning basic obedience training, while Max and Quinn work to keep the Island geese-free. Soon, Aspen and Chip will receive official geese training. Once they’re up to speed the pack will work as a unit, covering more ground with more frequent patrols.

Want to support them in their efforts to keep Governors Island’s landscapes healthy, clean and geese-free? Give a working dog as a gift for the holidays! The working dog gift comes with your very own Max stuffed animal and a personalized adoption certificate. Order your gift by Monday, December 17 to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Interested in seeing how Max, Quinn, Chip and Aspen spend their dog days on the Island? Follow them on Instagram: @giworkingdogs