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Play and Adventure. If you’re a kid, these words go hand-in-hand. But in a world where grown-ups are hyper-vigilant about safety, and kids lives are heavily programmed, a lot of play has lost its sense of exploration and discovery. To combat the loss of autonomy, “adventure playgrounds” have come roaring onto the play scene. These playgrounds allow kids to build, imagine and take risks on their own while still in a safe space. While this movement is not new (it’s actually be around for 60 years, the vision of a Danish landscape architect), it’s gaining momentum in the United States and around the world. Adventure playgrounds allow kids a space that is entirely their own. These playgrounds are not only fun, they teach kids how to function in real world social setting through self-directed play and team building, helping to develop decision-making power, imagination and contemplation.

For two days this season (September 19 and 20), Governors Island will host its own adventure playground, presented by play:ground and Figment. Kids ages 3 – 12 will collaborate to build a city of their own imagination uses provided materials like cardboard boxes, fabric, markers, string, tape, and more. Come have an adventure with us!