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A New Member of the GI Working Dog Pack


From front to back, Max, Quinn and Chip

Meet Chip!

Governors Island is thrilled to welcome the latest member to our team of Working Dogs. Chip is a 5 month old Border Collie, and like Quinn and Max, he comes to us from the wonderful folks at Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue. Max turned 8 this month (Happy Birthday, Max!) and we expect Chip to be hitting his stride as a goose dog in three years just as Max may be more inclined to enjoy the hammocks and flowers and Adirondack Chairs here on Governors Island.

Why does Governors Island need working dogs?

While Canada geese can be lovely to look at, they leave a mess (they eat up to four pounds of grass a day and leave over a pound of waste per goose!), and can be aggressive toward people when they are nesting. To ensure the enjoyment and safety of visitors, as well as the safety of the geese, our working dogs work to keep the geese off our lawns. Reducing the goose population helps our overall efforts to create wildlife habitats and increase ecological diversity on the Island in the form of terns, owls, kestrels, peregrine falcons, song birds etc., as well as a variety of flourishing plant life.

Border Collies are trained to herd and discourage the geese from hanging out, but they will never harm the animals. In fact, Border Collies are recommended by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Humane Society due to their highly evolved herding instincts.

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