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Rare Air

through October 30
Saturdays, Sundays
Nolan Park

Rare Air is an experimental neon sculpture gallery located in Governors Island’s Nolan Park, House 7B. A nod to the noble (rare) gases found in the Earth’s atmosphere and the eccentric properties within them; Neon to glow, Helium to float, Xenon to propel spacecraft, Rare AIR will exhibit new work monthly from New York women and visiting artists. Join this summer for public outdoor presentations on topics ranging from air and environmental sciences to the history of illuminated works, videos, performances and more!

On view now: Hollow Boom, by Kacie Lees

Upcoming Workshops:

Who Are You? Artists Statement & Resume Workshop

August 26, 2018 from 2PM-5PM

A lecture and interactive workshop run by Alleson Buchanan of Glass Elevator Arts Consulting(Seattle, WA).

This workshop, will help you design, cater, and construct your artist statement & resume. Keeping these important documents up to date will empower you to seize the opportunities around you.Learning to tell your story in different ways can propel you out of a plateau or launch your career as an artist.

Please bring with you: 3 printed copies of your résumé & 3 printed copies of your artist statement

Buchanan is also an artist herself, obsessed with all things neon and will be opening Radiant Neon in Seattle, WA this Fall.


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