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Since 1999, MoCADA has been widely regarded as an incubator for emerging artists and curators of color, having greatly supported and furthered the artistic careers of over 100 groundbreaking artists across 20+ countries to date. To celebrate this longstanding history, specifically 20 years of rich, cultural programming and trailblazing initiatives, MoCADA will invite seven rising creators to participate in its newly expanded residency program in 2019. Selected artists and curators will work with celebrated industry leaders to create public programming that illuminates the histories and futures of the African diaspora and art, in connection to themes of social justice and the upliftment of marginalized communities.

On view through October 27
Let the Circle Be Unbroken: The Implications of African Spirituality in the Diaspora

Inspired by Dr. Marimba Ani’s book, “Let the Circle Be Unbroken,” MoCADA encouraged the 2019 MoCADA Creators in Residence to explore the following quote by Ani as a central theme of the work they would create on Governors Island, all summer long.

“The term ‘Maafa’ (from the book, Let The Circle Be Unbroken) is a Kiswahili word for ‘disaster’ that we are now using to reclaim our right to tell our own story. Maafa refers to the enslavement of our people and to the sustained attempt to dehumanize us. Because the Maafa has disconnected us from our cultural origins, we have remained vulnerable in a social order that does not reflect our cultural identity.” – Dr. Marimba Ani, “To Be African.”

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