Island Bee Project

Available Hours

Saturdays 12-4PM

Note: If the weather is bad on a particular Saturday, the Island Bee Project will be open the following Sunday from 12-4PM.

The mission of Island Bee Project is to spread awareness of the global decline of honeybees and other pollinators due to habitat loss, monocultures, and the varroa mite. We hope to inspire people of all ages to become honeybee advocates through education, creativity, bee inspections, and how to create new habitats filled with their favorite flowers! Their apiary is located in the Urban Farm, next to Earth Matter Compost Learning Center.

Why Honeybees? They are responsible for pollinating all of our favorite foods such as almonds, apples, and melons. Bees also have a bad rap as only stinging insects. The truth is that they are gentle creatures who mind their own beeswax when foraging for flowers. They can sting, but only when threatened. We believe that in understanding how hard they work to raise their young and to collect honey as their food can help us recognize that humans and bees are very much connected.

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