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Zoom down the hillside at Slide Hill! Located in the gorgeous new parkland on the southern half of Governors Island, Slide Hill offers a variety of slides that are bound to delight young visitors and families. Scramble up the Timber Climb or take a winding path up the hill and fly back down! Slide Hill features three shorter slides, including a family slide built for two people to ride down at once. Thrill-seekers will get a rush on the fourth slide: a curving, 57 foot-long, three story-high slide — the longest in NYC!


The Hills

Slide Hill includes a wide, family slide built for two riders, two ADA accessible slides and one extra-long slide. 

Access the slides by a Timber Climb that can be ascended freely or by a gently sloping, ADA accessible path. 

The Slide Hill play area is designed for visitors ages 5-14 and families.