play:groundNYC's Yard

Available Hours

Saturday & Sunday 12-4PM

play:groundNYC invites you to play at the Yard, New York’s only adventure playground! The Yard boasts 50,000 square feet of space in which we supply young people with materials for building, exploring, imagining and destroying. Tools provided include nails, hammers and saws, paint, tires, wood, fabrics and more. Expect your child to get messy! The Yard is for kids only, with a recommended age of 6 and up. Parents can enjoy a grassy area with some shade to enjoy some time relaxing. Please note, while we do not allow parents into the older kids area, children are free to come and go. It is up to each family to decide if the parents stay waiting outside the playground or choose to go enjoy other parts of the island for a while. There are play:groundNYC playworkers in the Yard at all times. We also have a Family Play area, open to all ages, adjacent to the Yard. Adult supervision is required. The ages for both the Yard (6 and older) and Family Play area (5 and under) are recommended.

play:groundNYC will also run playworker trainings, hosting public programs and an exhibit on play. Details to follow.