Writing On It All

through June 25
Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
Nolan Park

House 11, Nolan Park
Writing On It All is a participatory writing project open to all interested members of the public. In sessions led by artists and writers, participants are invited to write on the interior surfaces of an out-of-use house – and no two sessions are alike. Facilitators and session members take to the walls to write, attending to the dynamics of writing as well as to pressing issues of the day. Poets, street artists, activists, choreographers, domestic workers, as well as professional writers and artists lead experiments dealing with diverse topics, using all kinds of materials, including music and projection, charcoal and chalk, pencil and paint. Everything counts as writing.

May 27-29 (This weekend)

Olga Rodriguez Ulloa & Alexandra Chasin
“Forms of Resistance (Literally!)”

Boxed in by the forms you fill out every day? Sick of being classified, categorized, tracked, stamped, approved, declined, billed, charged, and otherwise administered? Your social security number doesn’t quite define or express you, or you don’t have one? Not reducible to a sex or race, to a height or weight? Time for re-form! Bring your frustration, your underrepresentation, your creativity, your excess, your rebellious temptation – it’s time to subvert, pervert, and invert the bureaucratic limits and controls. Bring your messy selves, color outside of the lines, turn small spaces into the fertile ground of narrative, of open-ended exploration, of refusal and resistance. It’s time to engage in reform – to answer back – to speak truth to power – all over the walls.

June 3

Luis Jaramillo w/ Matthew Brookshire
“The Other Side: Borders and Crossings”

Border are places of defence and of vulnerability. Through writing as ritual, divination, conjuring and channeling, we will pass through perceived barriers to get from what we know to what we would like to know.

June 10

Ana Lara & LaTasha Diggs

Governor’s Island was Lenape land, settled by the Dutch in exchange for “two ax heads, a string of beads and a handful of nails” in 1637, was also the home to multiple generations of military families and those who worked for them. Today, the mansions on Governor’s Island are emptied, cared for by the Parks administration and groundskeepers. In this writing/performance, we invite folks to meditate on the known and unknown histories of the house and the land itself, to engage with feeling the space, listening to and observing it. Alternating between cleansing and writing, audiences will be invited to reflect upon and respond to who was here before us, who is here with us in the now, who will be here after us.

June 11

Mariame Kaba
“Community Safety Looks Like: Transforming Justice and Our Relationships”

Join organizers Darian Agostini, Mariame Kaba and Reign Rolon for an immersive experience focused on imagining community safety and transformative justice. Participants will discuss how the prison industrial complex devastates our communities and why we need to build a world without prisons, policing and surveillance.

June 18

Laia Sole
KABOOM: Writing the unspeakable/escribir lo indecible”

Workshop and installation addressing the inadequacy of writing when it comes to transcribe strong feelings, or simply put how words fall short. Through the use of existing onomatopoeia and the creation of invented ones, Kaboom seeks at temporarily freeing people’s expressions through an installation where they can sound, write and embody the such expressions, mumblings, roarings, to name a few.

Kaboom is inspired by children’s first steps in sound spelling, and shaped by the current climate of gradual polarization of society.

June 24 and 25

Anthony Rosado
“TestOURmonials of the Great Turning”

The Testourmonials Project is a series of guided and self-led activities on the walls of #11, Nolan Park, geared to encourage discussion, organization, and mobilized actions for the sake of housing and social justice.

The Testourmonials Project provides platforms for attendants to feel empowered to offer community-led solutions; testify experiences; provide insight; share knowledge; and present information on ongoing projects that combat negative effects of gentrification and racist/classist/culturally-negligent New York City planning.

The Testourmonials Project aims to empower the hidden and inspire support for all peoples afflicted by gentrification and mobility against oppressive forces working to erase the legacy of Black & Brown communities who gardened the streets and culture of this ever-gentrifying New York City.


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